Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh Dear...

Have six months really flown by? Yep, there they go! I really should catch you all up on what I've created over the past several months... which isn't much! I guess sometimes an artist needs space to regroup, time to fill up the cup again so that it can be poured into new projects. I was an empty cup! But now I feel filled to the brim again :) I'd like to share a few Victorian Angels I made (you may remember I made a quartet of them last year). As always, my art is deeply influenced by my love of nature. The first angel has a wintery companion. She is the Reindeer Guardian. The second angel is what a white poinsettia looks like when it goes to a Christmas party ;)

Both designs are available at my cafe press shop as ceramic ornaments. I also added some stockings to my shop with angels on them! I love doing collage work like this. I used to cut up magazines but now, I cut down on the mess and use photoshop, hehe.

Let's go back in time a little while to Halloween, shall we? Here are some poison bottles that I made:

No, I don't have a messy craft table, why do you ask? eheheh :) One is for "Resurrection Lilly", a plant that will bring you back from the dead as a vampire! Really! And the other is "Poison Monk's Cowl" a plant with a deadly flower that resembles an alchemist's hood... And here is the strange cat-beast that I transformed into that night...

Okay, back to merry, bright December :)
Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season!