Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Divining Treasures

I am so proud of this piece! I received the pendant as part of a swap on swap-bot.com. I knew it was perfect for a pendulum right away! I went through my collection of beads to find some blues and greens to accent it. I name all my oracles after magickal places but I had a tough time naming this one... was it even of this planet? At last I remembered Lemuria. According to legend, it is a lost continent similar to Atlantis. The refugees who survived the cataclysm that destroyed the continent are said to have migrated and created the great civilizations of the world. So, here we have the Oracle of Lemuria.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Crafty and Green

Everyone's talking about recycling, especially crafters! I've always been interested in reusing and reinventing when I craft, mainly as a way to save money. The added bonus is keeping stuff out of the landfills :) Today I'd like to show you some pill bottles I altered even though, technically, pill bottles can be recycled because they're plastic... anyway! They are much prettier this way! hehe :) I used scrap papers, fabric, ribbons and beads. The art on the bottles came from Dragon Magazine, which is another great way to recycle. I love love love cutting pictures from magazines and using them in collage! Catalogs are a great source, too. Just remember, I cannot then mass produce such a work because I don't have a license to the art for that. As artists, we need to know our rights and respect the rights of our fellow artists. Okay, enough of that, heh. Have a lovely summer-turning-into-autumn everyone. And YES, I'm already cooking up Halloween ideas...!