Saturday, September 12, 2009

Crafty and Green

Everyone's talking about recycling, especially crafters! I've always been interested in reusing and reinventing when I craft, mainly as a way to save money. The added bonus is keeping stuff out of the landfills :) Today I'd like to show you some pill bottles I altered even though, technically, pill bottles can be recycled because they're plastic... anyway! They are much prettier this way! hehe :) I used scrap papers, fabric, ribbons and beads. The art on the bottles came from Dragon Magazine, which is another great way to recycle. I love love love cutting pictures from magazines and using them in collage! Catalogs are a great source, too. Just remember, I cannot then mass produce such a work because I don't have a license to the art for that. As artists, we need to know our rights and respect the rights of our fellow artists. Okay, enough of that, heh. Have a lovely summer-turning-into-autumn everyone. And YES, I'm already cooking up Halloween ideas...!

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