Friday, April 17, 2009

Gorgeous Spring Nights...

I've been out walking my dog after dark and the nights are so wonderful! I am often inspired by the silhouettes of the trees and the gradient of the colors in the sky. One of my favorite night animals is the bat. It could be its association with vampires and magic but they are also fascinating creatures besides all the mythology. I was particularly impressed when I learned more about the lives of bat colonies. For example, some bats help each other give birth to their pups, acting as midwives! I've also read that they nurse each others babies even though they know they are not their own. On the other hand, they also carry rabies and, yes, three species of bat drink blood from animals. I think us humans have a natural aversion to night hunters like the bat. They have heightened senses that to us seem supernatural. If we can overcome this aversion, we can see that they are necessary for the environment and can be a source of awe and inspiration. Above is my design "Goddess of the Night." The art is reminiscent of a text book diagram but the swirls and purple are pure whimsy. You can find this design on maternity wear, plus size clothing, women's apparel and gifts at my cafepress shop, Crafty Curios. Enjoy these magical spring nights!

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Mike said...

Great work, the talent shows.
Take care.