Monday, April 6, 2009

Fairies and Toys

I've been wanting to post some pics for some time! The first project is an altered jar that was inspired by so many adorable things I found online. I want to give credit where credit is due! I didn't come up with the ideas all on my own, I reached into the internet and found a huge community of fellow crafters! Here are a few of my favorite inspiration pics! Click to go to the creators' pages :) Thank you to Cedar Junction and Fireflygirl Inspirations at!

When a little jelly jar became available in the kitchen, I went to work on my own wee fairy. I wish you could see the tiny wand I made for her. Only the end of it is visible in her right hand. Also, most artists tend to use butterfly wings for their fairies. I went a different direction and made my own. They are a little rough but I'm proud of the finished product!

Here is another project that was directly influenced by the creative mind of another crafter. Don't they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? I wanted to see what this form, a child's block and vintage photos would elicit from my creative subconscious. Unfortunately I can't find where I originally got this image! If anyone knows who the artist is (or if you are the artist) please email me. I would love to credit you for the idea :)

I embellished the block with ink, paper, flowers, bling and some eyelash ribbon on top. The block is vintage too! Fresh from the antique stores in Niles! The little girl is a vintage photo that is visible from both sides. She has the sweetest expression on her little face, very playful. It goes perfectly with a child's toy like a block :) Well, I enjoyed checking in and hope to do so again very soon!

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