Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Celtic Roots

My birthday and St. Patrick's Day are both in March. Today was a very Spring-y day and I was inspired to finish my Celtic Banner. I did it in honor of my Celtic ancestors.

I can't say that I really want to celebrate the destruction of the native Celtic beliefs as they were converted (sometimes forcibly) to Christianity... but I know that the holiday has now become a point of pride for people of Scottish, Welsh and Irish descent. Besides, I love the mythical lore of that part of the world! When I was in grade school, I had a very vivid "sighting" of a leprechaun! And who doesn't love lucky four leaf clovers, claddaghs and pots of gold? I was also inspired by legends of Avalon from England. The UK has such a rich history of magic, I wanted to honor that as well.
I used a variety of free svg files from the internet. Thank you to all the other artists who are sharing files too! Here are a few of the cut files I used (with Sure Cuts A Lot software) so that you can make a banner too!
Autumnal Birdie
Etruscan Horse
Celtic Knot Shamrock
Scalloped Flags
Little Sheep

Have a lovely spring everyone!

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