Sunday, July 10, 2011

Princess Banner

Finally, after promising my niece Zoe a princess banner on St. Patrick's Day (because she loved my celtic banner) I nervously presented the finished product to her on Father's Day! I think I will blame it all on wanting to get it perfect for her :)
So, the papers I used are an assortment I received as a RAK, sorry I can't tell you who made them. I can share some of the other details though...
-Flower, butterfly and accent Die-Cuts from K and Company (Studio 112)
-Foil Chips Chipboard from Tattered Angels
-Glitter Alpha Punch Out letters from Colorbök

The box for the banner was created using this tutorial from Fabulously Artsy. It was meant for greeting cards but it worked out well for the banner. I just folded it up and put half in one side, half in the other.
At the bottom of this post, I will also include the .svg files so that you can cut some of the same images with your cricut and a make a banner for your favorite princess.
I'm really glad I set this challenge for myself. It's not too often that I give myself permission to dive headlong into pink, fluffy girly-ness with my crafts. The style of the banner is also very different from the celtic one I made for St. Paddy's day. I wanted it to be more layered and textural. Now, looking at the pictures, I'm wondering if it needs MORE glitter, MORE lace, MORE PRINCESS! Hehehehe, maybe not. Zoe seemed to like it and recognized many of the features of classic fairytales on the pendant. A glass slipper here, a royal crest there and of course, a unicorn who will only appear to pure-hearted young maidens.
I don't necessarily think our culture's emphasis on princesses is a bad one. It's a matter of which princess and which version of the story gets told. A princess is not far from a queen, who is not far from a legend who is not far from a goddess.... Disney is a great way to introduce one version of a classic story but probably needs to be followed up with literature, lore, folk tales and stories of real women who actually existed and did heroic things. In some cases, it's a matter of women who did they best they could under rotten conditions! Their stories need to be heard, too.
Well, that's all for now :) Except that I'm also excited that my Cafepress shop sold some new designs while I was in Hawaii vacationing with family! I did a series of three designs based on palmistry (one of my first loves in the realm of the occult...) and really loved how they came out. Here's the design for the heart line. Go here to see the other two for the head and life line.

Thanks for stopping by!
PS: Here are the svg files
Fleur de Lis
Glass Slipper
Pennant Base

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