Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vintage and Coffee

Hello! I know I said I was working on Halloween stuff (and I am) but I wanted to show you a sign I finally finished a while back. I've mentioned before that I have a somewhat protracted creative process. I may begin something and not look at it for weeks! Sometimes the finished product (or a version of it) exists in my head, sometimes not. Everyone has a different creative style and it really helps to notice and accept your own style. In my case, it helps me to remain calm when I see a forgotten project on my table. I know I'll get to it when the right muse comes along. Also, being aware of my own style means that I can challenge myself to do things differently. So, this piece began with two definite inspirations: my love of vintage photos and my love of COFFEE (or should I say addiction...) Before Coffee... After Coffee!

Your results may vary but coffee makes my heart so happy! I go from plain Jane to fabulous lady in minutes! I also like the idea of this sign being a warning to the unwary, typically before the noon hour... hehehe!
Alrighty, as promised, there will be something with a Samhain twist very soon. Oh, what is Samhain you say? You can google it or check back soon!

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