Saturday, September 13, 2008

Crow Goddess

This is by far my most popular Cafepress design. Crow Goddess. It has gone through many incarnations and it wasn't until I added the tattoo design and the black tendrils that it really took off. Let me share with you my thoughts and the image's backstory.

This designs is part of a series of Goddess homages. For many years, Goddesses were the foundation of my spiritual and creative life. Every goddess legend held infinite possibilities for art, ritual and fantasy. This particular image is an homage to The Morrigan, a Celtic goddess of battle, death and magic. She can appear as an old woman, a beautiful maiden and of course, a crow. She embodies the triple goddess along with other deities of Celtic lore. She knows of our deaths and can bestow great gifts on those who will acknowledge her and not run in fear or dismiss her.

It is common in the study of Goddesses to run into figures that are frightening and disturbing. The Morrigan is certainly not the only one whose realm includes death and destruction. The flip-side of this is the peace that comes with accepting death as a natural part of the cycle of life. That knowledge can be a blessing because it urges us to appreciate every moment.

I began the project of putting these deities of old on t-shirts in order to create a sort of talisman. So, on the day that you wear your Crow Goddess design, you may find that you feel more in tuned with nature, subtle forces, cycles or just your own inner strength. I really did intend to bring out the Goddess in the woman who wears this. I hope the many people who have purchased this design are enjoying bearing the title Crow Goddess.

My life is not so much influenced by Goddess spirituality at this time but I am still very proud of this piece. If any of my "Crow Goddesses" are reading this, I'd love to hear about your connection to the crows.

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