Sunday, September 14, 2008

Off the Shelf: Oracles

Here is the first installment of my Off the Shelf series! I plan on taking my special, handmade treasures off the shelf and sharing them with my readers :) The funny thing is, I chose to feature a craft that I don't actually own anymore! Back in 2004/5, can't remember, I made a set of pendulums. This type of oracle can be made of many different items, a crystal, a ring, anything heavy that can be suspended on a chain or string. The item is held aloft and questions are asked of the oracle to determine which swing patterns equal "yes" and "no". For example, some pendulums swing right or left while others swing in clockwise or counter clockwise circles. All of the pendulums below were given away as gifts or for a love donation. The pics below show the points of the pendulums. They are the Oracles of Malta, Giza, Atlantis and Cypress.

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