Friday, September 19, 2008

Fall Bride

I was actually a summer bride but I've been involved in two very special fall weddings. The first was my sister's wedding in 2003. It was a beautiful Catholic wedding with a classic style. My sister took care of many of the details herself and created a truly memorable work of art! I was very inspired by her conviction to stay true to her own sense of style and followed that with my own wedding even though our styles are radically different. I had the pleasure and honor to sing Ave Maria at her wedding and will never forget those precious moments. It wasn't until after my own wedding in 2005 that I began creating my bridal line of CafePress designs. I remembered how, although my sister's wedding was in the fall, she did not use fall colors. She had always wanted Blue and Lavender so, that's what she used! I was also adamant that the details of my wedding, big and small, be reflective of who Kevin and I were during that time, and not be influenced by some arbitrary rule that didn't apply to us.

The second special Fall wedding was that of my good friend Penny to her hubby Mario. I was flattered and terrified by the fact that Penny had asked me to officiate the wedding! Her wedding was in beautiful fall colors but was deeply influenced by Penny and Mario's unique interests and spiritual beliefs. There were some grumbles from family about their non-traditional approach, but in the end, everyone was swept up in the spirit of love and celebration. Isn't that what it's all about anyway?

My bridal line is dedicated to the idea that every bride and groom should have free reign over their wedding plans. It is their special day, one that will always live in their memories. I envisioned the t-shirts and accessories being worn while dress shopping, creating the bridal registry, making favors and of course, bachelorette parties or bridal showers! I also created a line of post-wedding shirts for the honeymoon and beyond, for whenever a bride wants to relive that special day.
So these designs are for those brides that don't mind being unique and standing up for their choices (so basically all you modern ladies out there ;) For instance, my friend Corissa got married at the Renaissance Faire in full Renaissance garb! It was spectacularly original and definitely true to her style. I also know a bride who wore a gorgeous red gown! Don't let anything stand in the way of making your wedding day (or any ol' day) truly yours.
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